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Vetsense Betalyte Greyhound 1.5kg HH-BETLYTG1.5





Product Description

Aids to maintain and restore normal electrolyte balance in body tissues due to strenuous exercise and sweat loss during training, racing, competition, travelling, and hot weather conditions.

Active Constituents
Each kg contains (as ions) :Chloride 239.0 g, Lactate 207.0 g,
Potassium 175.0 g, Sodium 61.0 g, Calcium 46.7 g, Citrate 23.6 g,
Sulphate 12.2 g, Magnesium 3.11 g, Glucose 260.0 g.

Directions for Use
Ensure an adequate supply of fresh, clean drinking water is available at all times.
Give 3g,(3/4 scoop) daily on the morning or evening meal or dissolve 3g in 500mL of water.

Increase to 6g as 3g in the morning and 3g in the evening in hot weather conditions.

400g and 1.5kg