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Rapidvite Rapid-Acid Neutralizer 5 Litre HH-RAPACID5

medium 3360


An aid in the treatment and prevention of acidosis-dehydration and tying up syndrome, in horses and greyhounds.

Rapid-Acid Neutralizer is a mild diuretic and body acid neutralizer, has a neutralizing effect on acid substances which builds in the blood stream after long and heavy training or exercise.
A pleasant tasting syrup containing alkaline buffer salts that neutralize the acid build-up and reduce sodium losses. Aids horses in training that suffer heavy sweat losses and treats the symptoms of 'tying up' syndrome (Lactic acid build-up) that occurs to horses and greyhounds on high grain diets or high protein diets with unfit muscles and sudden workload demands. A daily supplement of Rapid-Acid Neutralizer will ensure the acid/alkali rate is balanced and enables optimum performance
Store away from direct sunlight below 25°C. Replace cap after use.